First COTS Steering Committee meeting held

On 29th June 2012 at UCL
Members of the COTS Steering Committee gathered together for the first time since the start of the research programme to discuss terms of reference, programme management and outreach. From left to right they appear in the photo as follows:


Professor Edmund Linfield (University of Leeds), Professor Gabriel Aeepli (UCL/LCN), Professor Alwyn Seeds (UCL), Professor Carlo Sirtori (Université Paris Diderot), Dr Cyril Renaud (UCL), Dr Peter Huggard (STFC), Professor Huiyun Liu (UCL), Dr Harvey Beere (University of Cambridge), Professor David Ritchie (University of Cambridge), Mr Tim Bodley-Scott (UCL), Dr Katie Blaney (EPSRC), Dr Ian McConvey (Astra Zeneca), Professor Martyn Chamberlain (University of Durham).